Got2App Offers Tons of Great Features

Build your app from our list of features below to maximize your mobile marketing value. All of our mobile app development is focused on ease of use and cross-platform native functions in mind, mix and match to create the best app for you.

The ability to adapt according to individual needs is the cornerstone of Got2App. The real power of our service lies in your capability to craft the app that suits you best, and continue to evolve with the shifting desires of your valued customers. Check out our pricing section for more extensive info on available packages and add-ons.


GPS Directions

GPS Directions

Your customers can get exact GPS directions to your establishment from around the block or around the globe.
One Touch Calling

One Touch Calling

Customers can call you with one touch of the screen from inside your app. No one will ever lose your number again.


Let your customers take “word of mouth” to the next level with the ability to share via email, Facebook, SMS and Twitter.
Business Info

Business Info

Update any type of business information you’d like to display; menus, sales, events and more.
Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Display any points of interest you would like according to your predefined categories on a map.
Event Listing

Event Listing

Keep customers notified of your upcoming business events and specials. Updateable instantly through the AppCenter. This feature offers the ability to set recurring events.


Multiple ways for customers to contact you through your app including phone, website, email and directions.
Email Photos

Email Photos

Customers can take and send photos from within your native application.
Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Display images of your business in a format optimized for native application viewing. You can tag your images with optional descriptions through the AppCenter.

Fan Wall

Establish a fan wall for your customer base to leave messages on. Check it out as an administrator online.
Mailing List

Mailing List

Keep in touch with your customers by collecting names and email addresses from inside your app.
Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

Allows customers to quickly calculate tip percentage through your app when dining out
Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Include a mortgage calculator with an interest rate that you can preset. This is a great feature for real estate agents.
Facebook Integration

* Facebook Integration

Integrate your Facebook page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
Twitter Integration

* Twitter Integration

Integrate your Twitter page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
LinkedIn Integration

* LinkedIn Integration

Integrate your LinkedIn page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
YouTube Integration

* YouTube Integration

Integrate your YouTube page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.

*MySpace Integration

Integrate your MySpace page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
OpenTable Integration

* OpenTable Integration

Gives you access to a reliable and ever growing restaurant reservation service for on the fly reservations.
Podcast Integration

* PodCast Integration

Integrate a podcast to allow your users to tune in while going about their busy lives.
SoundCloud Integration

* SoundCloud Integration

Integrate your SoundCloud page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
Download Analytics

Download Analytics

Download analytics that track valuable information on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to customers whenever you like through our AppCenter.
GPS Coupons

GPS Coupons

Send a coupon that can only be activated when a customer enters your chosen location. Moderate you’re the coordinates of your locations through the AppCenter.
Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Integrate your existing shopping cart system or install a new one to take your sales to the next level.
Blog Integraton

* Blog Integration

Include your existing blogs or create one by integrating your RSS feeds to allow users access your posts in your real time app.
QR Coupons

QR Coupons

Create QR coupons for your customers to redeem at your business by scanning a specified QR code. Edit or add as many new coupons as you want through the AppCenter.

QR Scanner

Unlock QR Codes on the go with our in-app QR Scanner.

Notepad Tab

Record and email notes to anyone at any time you would like.

Voice Recorder

Preserve sound bytes for posterity with your app. Record and email voice-notes to anyone at any time you would like.
Car finder feature

Car Finder

Let's face it; we've all lost our car for a bit. This feature will help you find your way back.

Email Form

Users of your app can submit emails to a dedicated account through this new form function.
food ordering feature

Food Ordering

Now your restaurant's customers can order food on the go through your app. Integrates with our online food order widget.


Accept and manage merchandise items and orders through your app.


Upload music tracks from your own collection to share through your app. Great for band promos!


Your customers can make and manage reservations through your app. Notifications will be sent to an email address of your choice.

PDF Upload

Upload PDFs so users can view them through your app. A very versatile function.


Offer rewards to your fans and customers in exchange for acheivements.

Direction View

Provide turn-by-turn directions to your app users from their location to your business.


iPhone Availabilty

iPhone Availability

Native applications available for iPhone.
Android Availabilty

Android Availability

Native applications available for Android.
iPad Availabilty

iPad Availability

Native applications available for iPad.

HTML5 Apps

Web-based HTML5 apps for greater cross-platform app compatibility.
*In order to use some of our integration features, you may need to sign up for an additional service from the original app's provider.