Why Got2App?

More People Are Using Apps Than Ever Before

We use our phones for everything. From entertainment and socialization, to making on the go purchases and most importantly, business connectivity, mobile apps are now the most rapidly growing technological niche in existence. It’s no longer enough to simply employ a website or email campaign alone. 

Today’s savvy customers are better informed than ever, and looking for the type of personal, interactive experience that only a mobile app can deliver. Apps are a perfect match for businesses in many different industries, with the capability to deliver rich content, sleek and compelling images and slideshows, VIP loyalty programs, and tons of great features. Did we mention that you can update all of this yourself through our AppCenter?  Top this off with the technological edge provided by our cross-platform approach and full integration with native application functions, such as GPS, QR Coupons and Push Notifications, and you’ve got a dynamic mobile marketing solution.

Our Apps Are Available for iPhone, iPad, HTML5 and Android

We create native applications that are optimized for compatibility with the features of smart-phones on a cross-platform level. This means that we are committed to bringing the same high functioning level of performance and usability to each version of your app that we create, allowing you to access a much larger percentage of mobile device users. We offer native applications for iPhone, Android and iPad, and HTML5 apps that function as mobile websites to reach practically every mobile device available.

Harness the Influence of Social Media

Your customers can inform their friends about your business through easy, real-time app access to social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. When shared with a friend, your app will immediately send a download link the user’s social media page. This can circulate your app at an exponential rate, gathering more exposure for your business. business.

Our Apps Are Designed With Small Business in Mind

From the simplicity of our AppCenter update dashboard to the types of features we offer, our cross-platform apps are developed specifically to cater to the needs of small businesses. You shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company or spend thousands of dollars in development costs to take advantage of mobile marketing. Now Got2App puts that ability well within your reach.

Offer More Through Customer Loyalty Programs

By using our QR coupon reward system and scanner, push notifications, message board and more, you can easily offer a loyalty program to your most frequent customers. This allows your customers to easily check in on your app and see how many more visits or purchases are required to claim their reward. Loyalty programs have proved to be an effective marketing strategy, and now you can take advantage of all their benefits on a more intimate level than was previously possible. To top it all off you can manage your app’s loyalty program super-efficiently through our AppCenter.

Instantly Update Your Content Through Our AppCenter

Our intuitive content management system allows you to announce events, send push notifications, manage QR coupons add your own content and more, all in real-time! We handle all design, development and publication duties, turning over to you a completed app, ready for your updates through our easy-to-use AppCenter.