We put the power of mobile marketing in your hands

What is Got2App?

Mobile apps are now a part of daily life like never before. They have revolutionized the way that we experience entertainment, socialize, and, most importantly, do business. From making appointments and reservations to ordering food at your favorite restaurant and snagging great deals at local businesses, we’re Got2App, and we put the power of mobile marketing in your hands.

With our cross-platform app approach to mobile marketing, you can publish a native application to iPhone, Android, iPad, and utilize HTML5 apps as mobile websites. Now, no matter where your customers are or what device they are using, they can connect with your app.

Reach All Mobile Devices With Got2App

Apps for iPhone

Awesome customized apps for businesses that take full advantage of the plethora of native application functions the iPhone has to offer.

Apps for iPad

Broaden your mobile marketing strategy with our optional native application iPad add-on. Designed especially for larger viewing, our iPad apps feature full size, high rez graphics for optimal viewing.

Apps for Android

Native applications for Android are complimentary with any purchase. We go the extra mile for you with this special cross-platform app two-for-one offer.

HTML5 Apps

Get the most from your cross platform mobile marketing strategy with our web-based HTML5 Apps. These are mobile website versions of your native application that mirror them in function and design. Use our HTML5 apps to target every smartphone on the market.